Saturday, October 14, 2006

Galp Sines

photo: L.M. Correia

Galp Sines was my first ship when I embarked as Cadet Officer back in June 1993.

She was trading mainly in the Portuguese continental coast, Azores and Madeira, although I remember calling Rotterdam and some ports on the Spanish south coast in those first months at sea.

The cargo loaded was always the same, fuel oil on its different grades (heavy fuel, low phosphor fuel, residual fuel, bunker fuel…..)

I went back to Galp Sines for some times more some years later serving as 3rd Officer, 2nd Officer and Chief Officer.

Built in 1982 in the shipyard “Estaleiros Navais de Viana do Castelo”, she sailed always under Portuguese flag for “Sacor Marítima” a company of Galp group.

Being single hulled she fell under Marpol 13G phaseout and was sold in 2003 to an United Arab Emirates company, sailing under Marshall Islands flag and renamed “W. S. Provider”

photo: L.M. Correia

Ship’s particulars:

Length Overall 163.650 m
Breadth Extreme 23.400 m
Draught 8.622 m
Displacement 24390 t
Shiptype Tanker
Year of Build 1982
Gross Tonnage 12,630 t
Deadweight 18,732 t

Sister ship: Galp Leixões

Curiously I have had the pleasure to manoeuvre her as a pilot when she called Viana Yard for drydocking repairs...

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