Sunday, December 31, 2006

Heavy Lift Transfer

Heavy Lift Transfer

Hello everyone I hope that you all had a Merry, Merry Christmas.
This time I just want to show as short as possible a heavy lift cargo operation between two vessels at sea.
My vessel was instructed by the Charter to do a heavy lift transfer between a Platform at "Campos Oil Field" and the Line/Riser deploying vessel “Seaway Condor”, our operation consisted in receiving on our deck, coming from the platform a "called spool piece" weighting about 55 ton and after a short steaming through the field deliver the “Baby” to “Seaway Condor” in the way that the boys there can proceed with their job of deploying down the "Baby" to the sea bed.
The weather was a little choppy and the operation carried out at night, these factors together, made the operation a little difficult, special measures were taken and instructions passed to the deck boys according Company and Charter procedures, one was for the boys to stay way from cargo before it start to be heaved up, the other was the need that my vessel worked just on the lee side, at the end all went okay.
I wish a Happy New Year to all, be carefull out there.

Please see Pictures below.


Cargo on deck and approaching “Seaway Condor” Port side aft.


Cargo being lifted up to “Seaway Condor”.

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Malheiro do Vale said...

That's what I would call HEAVY METAL!