Sunday, December 17, 2006



Hello everybody just returned from board to a rewarding leave for Christmas with family and friends.
This time I was just passing my eyes through old pictures and I found “Locknagar”, she was working at the time on the riser pull out at SBM-1 mono-buoy together with my vessel Far Centurion.
This vessel was a former PSV (Platform Supply Vessel) belonging to Farstad Shipping that’s in 97/98 have made an full conversion to Line and Riser Barge/Vessel and DP class II.
The vessel in 2001 was sold to DSND, that later became Sub Sea 7 and at the moment I lost the her trail after changing colour to red.Maybe you think why he is speaking on this particular vessel the reason is that a lot of very good Portuguese deck officers start there as DP operators and proceed theirs careers on other vessels and other companies, the last time that I had contact with her one Portuguese DP operator still working there.

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Yes, it looks like everything except a vessel...