Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rescue Boat

This morning when I arrived to Viana Shipyard to shift the newbuilding "Industrial Dawn" to another berth due to sandblasting works on a nearby ship, I found the vessel to be about 10m away from the berth, in order to test the rescue boat crane. Unfortunately for these yard workers, they forgot to leave one of them behind to heave up the boat...

Someone finally rigged the gangway and I managed to get to the bridge before they could be heaved up.
This picture was taken from portside bridge wing.

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Jose Saraiva said...

Eu pensava que Deus era Brasileiro, depois desta começo a pensar que se calhar Ele também faz uma perninha por cá.
Para que é que os "terraqueos" se metem nisto...
Onde estavam os homens do mar?