Friday, January 05, 2007

Carmel Ecofresh

Carmel Ecofresh and sister ship Carmel Bio Top were the largest vessels built so far by Viana Yard.

Built in 2003 for Israeli interests, Carmel Ecofresh is a refrigerated/multi-purpose cargo ship with 185,8 m LOA and 18 931 t GT that represented another challenge to be manoeuvred in the restricted areas and shallow waters of the yard basin. Special permission was granted, since port limit is 180 m LOA.

Due to the fact that most of the newbuildings have to be handled several times before delivery (shifting, sea trials, etc.) many times without propulsion, or any kind of energy whatsoever (dead vessel), careful planning is required. Taking into account the high wind area, lack of UKC, inappropriate bollard pull of the harbour tugs and the exceptional length (relative to the basin area) this vessel required special precautions such as an extra tugboat from Vigo, adequate weather conditions and appropriate tidal windows (chart datum on yard area is only 2,70 m…) every time it was manoeuvred.

In order to keep the minimum possible draft, these vessels are manoeuvred with inadequate propeller and rudder immersion (as well as bow thruster), making it very difficult to handle even in favourable conditions.

Anyway, it was a milestone for Viana Yard as well as for Viana Pilots that worked as a team to make it possible, and, when the vessel was delivered and sailed for the last time from the port it was a satisfaction for everyone involved…


Tim said...

Nice looking ships. Did you know the port of registry?

Malheiro do Vale said...

Hi Tim,

When she was launched back in 2003 she was Liberian flagged. In 2005 she shifted to Bermuda flag, port of registry Hamilton.

Best regards