Thursday, May 10, 2007

Crew Boat

Hello there, I’m back after some time in isolation!!! Since my last post from Mexico I return to this page with great joy to show some pictures about the “main working force” in Mexican waters, the “CREW BOAT”.
This type of “vessel” here is used almost for everything from fast small supplier, passenger carrier, bunkers boat, standby boat etc. I don’t have much information about this type of boat in relation to main features as power and hull characteristics but I think pictures can give one idea about it.
Other subject that I want to refer with great regret is the accident and sunk of the AHTS “Bourbon Dolphin” when was working West of Shetland in a anchor handling job, eight seafarers lives were lost, in this time of mourning and grief, I want to give my solidarity to the seafarers families who lost their loved ones and to those that survived the accident, that are trying at the moment to overcome the accident trauma. For now the only thing we can do is try to recover from the shock, keep going forward and waiting for the accident investigation report and learn something from the conclusions.





Malheiro do Vale said...

You're back at last!

As you can see there have been some complaints by our most appreciated visitors due to the lack of posts...

Hope you catch up!



Malheiro do Vale said...

José, segue este link para uma discussão acerca do Bourbon Dolphin

E entra no forum. Se não conseguires diz que eu mando-te a password.

Mage said...

Welcome back, and we do appreciate your sad news. Yes too, those boats are facinating.