Tuesday, June 19, 2007

While waiting...

The vessel was slightly delayed so I took the chance to make some shots. As can be imagined, I do not carry a camera with me while I'm working but my Nokia phone allows for some decent pictures (I know someone that goes mad with photos taken with cellphones...).

As can be seen, the unconventional mooring arrangement at the bow due to a 235 meters berth that has to fit the combined length of 239 meters of the two vessels alongside (plus 15m in between). Notice the headlines crossing the fore springs in order to have a convenient and safe headline length.

Roaz looking smaller than ever, as seen from the Ceinowa portside wing. Roaz has the bow about 20 meters outside the berth, with a heavy shoreline as a headline.

Ceinowa's simple yet beautiful funnel.

Picking up the gangway before starting unberthing procedures. This delay gave me the chance to have that morning coffee on the bridge while filling some check lists.

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