Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sailing Beauties

Sailing Beauties

Hi, just to say hello to all in time of vacations and to keep in touch.
I had found in my portfolio some old pictures referred to the last year summer holidays, “Tall Ships Regatta”in Lisbon, I was passing by Lisbon and I couldn't loose the chance to Kept on photos these beauties.
If someone can comment about names, flags etc.
All the best, take care out there.








Malheiro do Vale said...

Nice photos José!

Sailor Girl said...

Yes! But... why didn't you come to the First Race of my blog Atlântico Azul?? I hope someday you'll be able to come sail with us in REAL ships!! (LOL)

Malheiro do Vale said...

José is on vacation and is now busy moving to his brand new home, I'm already at work... on the first North European port ;)

Anyway due to the extensive media coverage of your race I had the chance to follow closely!

Sailor Girl said...

DID YOU??? GREAT!!!!!!