Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back to Brazil

Hello to all, this time just to show some pictures taken during the approach to Rio de Janeiro port.
After 22 days of sea on passage from Mexico the sight couldn’t be better… later on and after leaving the vessel into the hotel at “Copacabana” sea front the sights would be “others”.

Pict.1- First sights from far away.

Pict.2- Getting closer in black and white.

Pict.3- “Pão de Açucar” and “Corcovado” at the back.

Pict.4- Old barge discharging mud from dredging close to “Ilha Redonda”.

Pict.5- “Corcovado”.

Pict.6- “The Rock” when entering the port looking into port side, note in Brazil IALA area B applying, for buoys positioning.

Pict.7- “Santa Cruz” fortress, when entering the port looking into starboard side.

Pict.8-Rio de Janeiro “Down Town”, please discover the plane.

To be continued.

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