Saturday, December 15, 2007


The Spanish built chemical/products tanker Vicuna arriving powerless and under tow to Viana for completion works. She was built (or is being built) in Vigo (Factorias Vulcano).

Passing the Shipyard basin breakwaters with Charuca Silveira fast on the bow and Monte S. Brás astern. Monte Xisto is on the port side ready to push.

On this image it is possible to see the chains locking the propeller.

Approaching the dry dock, the yard boat will now pass a line to the bow of the vessel to be heaved from the north top of the dock in order to pull the vessel (again, she has no power whatsoever). The forward tug will now let go (if the tug was smaller she could go inside, but the combined breadths make it impossible for the tug to leave afterwards...)

Monte Xisto doing her best to follow the pilot's instructions and keep the vessel aligned.

Almost there, looking good...

Everything under control, there she goes! (in fact now comes the most difficult part but the photographer had a very important mission - to have lunch...)

GT 13500t
LOA 161,2m

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