Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vos Satisfaction

The brand new Diving Support Vessel "Vos Satisfaction" being shifted to another berth at Viana Yard. She was built in India (2007) and came to Viana to fix all the problems inherent to cheap construction. Nowadays it is cheaper to build in China or in India and then come for a month or two to an European country and try to "repair".
Seen here with no power whatsoever being handled with the help of two harbour tugs (the other not seen).
Dutch flagged, she is owned by Vroon BV, a company that also owns some cattle carriers.
GT 2163t
LOA 61m
She has two Wartsila main engines driving two controllable pitch propellers. One aft thruster (500 KW) and one bow thruster (800 KW) are also available.

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