Sunday, May 11, 2008

BRO Priority and BBC England

Bro Priority and BBC England early in the morning before shifting the tanker to dry dock.

BBC England at Cais da Marinharia, Viana Yard.

Bro Priority after entering drydock nº1. The small boat close to BBC England is pulling the floating dock gate, which can be seen appearing astern of Bro Priority. On drydock nº2, the cargo vessel Korsika. Pilot boat Quebramar waiting for pilot.

Bro Priority and Korsika, both inside the docks.

Bro Priority:
2001 built, Swedish flagged chemical tanker. LOA 176,5m GT 21 517t

BBC England:
2003 built general cargo ship registered at Marshall Islands. LOA 142,7m GT 7 576t


Anonymous said...

Beatifull !...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for nice pictures!
Greetings from the Crew of Bro Priority