Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lifeboat testing

Free fall enclosed lifeboat being tested at Viana Yard, a few days ago. The ship, Industrial Eagle has already been delivered. (video kindly supplied by my dear friend FP)

A few years ago I was on a ship drydocked close to a newbuilding that needed volunteers to fulfill the lifeboat in order that the test was carried out at its maximum capacity. As with all enclosed lifeboats the feeling is claustrophobic and the seats are facing backwards (with the exception of the helmsman). This is how it goes: After closing the hatches and the release handle is pulled there is a tremendous noise while the lifeboat is rolling on the rails, then a sudden silence while she is flying and then BANG! you hit the water and momentarily lose your breath while seeing the water covering the translucid hatch... not for the faint hearted.

When you order a family pizza they bring you a family pizza and a small one as a bonus. When you order a lifeboat they also deliver the rescue boat as a bonus...

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