Saturday, November 22, 2008

A "call" to Gothenburg port.

A “call” to Gothenburg port.

I would like to show some pictures taken during my stay in Gothenburg to attend a course about Norwegian law and rules for Captains on NIS flag vessels and some how underline the different mentality and approach reigning in this city about the use (good) of waterways and the sea in general, compared with the narrow minded and obsolete use of ours waterways and sea.
Gothenburg is placed close to the mouth of river Göta, flowing directly to the Kättegat, is the second biggest city in Sweden and he fifth of Scandinavia, known to be the “Volvo” town because the production plants of this world known car, trucks, marine engines etc manufacturer.
A very nice town to visit with a lot of museums, theatres, opera house and shops where you can bye everything your money can afford, a very nice night life to have fun and drink a good pint of lager or anything it suits you.
Just to finish the people were all very nice and friendly, any information asked was always answered with a smile and in a helpful manner.

Pict.1 – Aspect of the view into the Göta River and the Älvsborgsbron bridge.

Pict.2 - Guest harbour with the famous office building known locally as the “lipstick”.

Pict.3 – Guest harbour with the floatel "Viking" in the back.

Pict.4 – Floatel "Viking".

Pict.5 – "Poseidon".

Pict.6 – Ferry "Stena Germanica".

Pict.7 - Stena Line HSC Cat.

Pict.8 – Cargo ship "FK-River".

Pict.9 – Floating dock.

Pict.10 – Floating car park.

Pict.11 – "Göteborg" barge.

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