Monday, April 06, 2009

Fishig Boats

Fishing Boats

Hi there.
I want to wish a nice and happy Easter season full of Easter gifts.
This time, I would like to bring forward a problem that vessels involved in offshore operations in some Brazilian oil fields must dealt in a regular bases when working inside the 500 metres alongside platforms or just navigating through the oil fields, as we all know the 500 metres zone should be a restricted access zone to allow the operations with the offshore units as safe as possible, so why small fishing boats are still working (fishing) inside the 500metres zone and nobody looks to be worried with this fact? We know that all the oil fields in Brazil are areas were is forbidden to navigate or fishing, just the vessels strictly involved in the operations are allowed to enter in these areas, you just need to read the navigation charts notes to be aware of this fact, it looks that nobody is bother with this ongoing problem, for me as skipper of a supply boat is an utmost danger for the safety of all operations, no matter how many near miss reports you fill into the SMS system or complains to the platform OIM.
To say that nothing has been done is not correct, here and there you see a Navy patrol boat, or maybe a few days after a complain you see a Navy patrol boat arresting and fine some “poor” fishing boats, but just after another day the small “little beasts” are back.
I understand that fishermen must feed their families and the fishing are the only way of incoming money, but put their lives and the lives of others in great danger doesn’t look to me a very wise way of life, there are so many places with good fish, why the fishermen choose always to put their lives and the lives of others in dangerous situation close to offshore units?
Please see the pictures to prove that I’m speaking true.
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Malheiro do Vale said...

I guess that if the fish comes with a little bit of oil from the hoses it is ready for the frying pan!

Sailor Girl said...

Nice post.
Happy Easter!!!!