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FAR SAMSON-Ship of the year 2009

“The most powerful offshore vessel ever built – Far Samson – which was designed by Rolls-Royce and built by STX Europe for Farstad Shipping in Norway, will receive Offshore Support Journal’s ‘Ship of the Year 2009’ award.
Rolls-Royce developed the design of the UT 761 CD working closely with Farstad to meet the terms of a long-term charter contract. Far Samson, which was formally named and delivered in March, has demonstrated a continuous bollard pull of 423 tonnes using all available power and more than 377 tonnes using her main propulsion system.
Apart from its world record-breaking bollard pull, Far Samson is an innovative vessel in many respects, and incorporates a wide range of new technology.
It is a truly multifunctional offshore vessel and is capable of carrying out heavy ploughing operations for pipes and cables on the seabed, as well as subsea installation work in ultra-deepwater, along with towing, deploying ROVs and conducting a range of subsea operations. The vessel can cut trenches in the seabed in water up to 1,000m deep.”
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Awarded by: Ships Review, Norway and Offshore Support Journal-UK, HEYERDAHL Environmental, Norwegian Ship Owners Association.

Please se bellow the main features of this state of the art offshore vessel, I apologise by the long list but just reading it we have a full picture of how mighty the vessel is.

Built / Yard

2009/ STX Offshore Norway, Langsten /Y.No 704

Main Class +1A1, SF, E0, DK(+), Supply Vessel

Basic, Tug, COMF-V(3)C(3), Clean Design, DYNPOS-AUTRO


Loa / B.mld 121,5m / 26m

Draft (max) 8,5m + 0,97m Nozzle

Deadweight/GRT 6103mt (d=8,5m)/GRT 14740mt

Cargo Deck Area 1450m2

Deck Load 2300mt

Deck Strength 15mt/m2

Deck Crane 1 x SWL 250mt@14m

Main deck crane Active Heave Compensated max. work radius 36 m

1 x SWL 20mt@20m ROV support crane Active Heave Compensated

A-Frame 1 x SWL 315mt@seastate 4 active Heave Compensated

Moonpool1 of 7m x 7m

ROV Hangar 1

Helideck Yes

Fuel Oil 3400m3

Pot Water 1200m3

Drill Water/WB 5700m3

Main Engines

Hybrid propulsion system, Diesel mech. 4 x 6000 KW (4 x 8160 BHP) & Diesel electrical 4 x 2755 kW.

Total propulsion effect: 35900BHP on main propellers

Cathalytic Converters Yes

Bow/Stern Thrusters 1 x 2450BHP / 2 x 1632BHP

Azimuth Thruster 2 x 1800 KW forward,

1 x 1800 KW aft. Total 7344BHP

Bollard Pull 423mt

Speed (service/max) 13 knots/19 knots

Consumption 35mt/24 hrs - 105mt/24 hrs

Work Tow Drum 1 x 600mt - 2500m of 103 mm wire

Rope/reel storage1 x 3000m/103 mm wire or 2 x 1500m/103mm

Tow Pins 2 Max work Load = 400 metric ton

Shark Jaw 1 Max work Load = 800 metric ton

Stern Roller 6m x 4500m dia - MWL 1000mt

Accommodation 100 Persons










All the best, be safe and take care out there.

José Saraiva.


Malheiro do Vale said...

Impressionante o bollard pull e a capacidade da grua e do pórtico!

woody said...

i have recently just returned from norway where i had the pleasure of stayin on board the vessel while doing remedial work on 1 of the plough,s that the ship will be working with , and was impressed with the vessel,

Anonymous said...

Excellent pics and report of yhe fantastic ' Far Samson '

Thank you.

Regards from Spain ( Mediterranean sea )

Berta Zea Ginerés