Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jan Dlugosz

Here we go again. Jan Dlugosz approaching port entrance and tugboat preparing to make fast. Course 005º, engine Slow Ahead, making about 5.5 knots (over the ground).

Passing buoy #6, the Pilot Station looks smaller than a container... Course 025º, engine Dead Slow Ahead, speed 4.0 knots. Aft tug pulling slowly and ship's engine kept running for better steering. One hour to High Water.

Vessel swinging in the manouevring basin with the help of the tugboats (M. S. Brás is pulling on the aft line) to go portside alongside berth 3/4.

Empty containers from Matadi, destination Antwerp. Below the containers several wood logs from African trees will be unloaded at Viana.

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