Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tax Man

Far Swift along side May-Alfa platform in Mexico.

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To whom it my concern:
Well this is not a statement of facts but could be if necessary, the reason for this small post is related with tax problems that some of my crew members on board Far Swift, living in UK had experienced with the “tax man”, I want to explain that the Vessel Far Swift where I have been serving as Master is a PSV that means Platform Supply Vessel, and never work as a "stoped" installation, I hope all knows what is an usually called supply boat, some of her main features are: DP class II and extra accommodation for a total of 64 persons on board, between others, if someone wants more information check on old posts where I give other and more specific details about the vessel. The problem with the “tax man” arrive when this gentleman in the line of his duties and investigating about what type of vessel was the Far Swift found what I believe my post dated from 22nd of June 2007 about an exercise drill, where I stated briefly that the Far Swift was working in Mexico as “Floatel”, well, was this word that cause the problems, the vessel was working as extra accommodation for workers, warehouse, workshop etc, but also was working as supply transferring materials and persons as required by the charter, we use to enter port for bunkers and food and every time the need come, so the vessel was no a “stationary” facility along side a platform, as the “tax man” try to make it, she perform all duties as a PSV and all others required according the charter party, observing Company procedures and applicable international and IOM flag Rules and Regulations.
I want to apologize for all problems that my statement had caused, and I hope this small explanation give some light for those who need it.

Jose Saraiva.

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And I thought I had problems with the tax men...