Thursday, June 07, 2007

Do you believe?

Hi there I’m back, took some time but I didn’t forget this place as a way to show my concerns and opinions about Maritime activities in general and the offshore operations in particular.

This time I want to show two pictures that are speaking by “themselves”, these pictures were taken from board of Far Swift a supply vessel operating class two DP in the Mexican Gulf more precisely in Bay of Campeche.
In times that we all are trying to improve safety in all aspects of our Maritime activity and with so many accidents lately with casualties, we keeping seeing scenes like these, in some way we have a laugh and later we cry.

Awaiting your comments and I hope that all our professional colleagues involved in this kind of operations think a little more about safety awareness, before allowing these scenes on board their vessels. I know that nobody is perfect but we can try.

All the best and good navigation.



Malheiro do Vale said...

First picture looks like a circus trick...

Second picture is an accident waiting to happen.

Safety first? Don't think so...

Nandkishore Gitte said...

Yup, people have to be safety consious. Just the safty training alone wont work, we have to analyse it.

You site Is really very intresting
i am adding it to my blogroll

Nandkishore Gitte

Malheiro do Vale said...

Thanks, you're also on my right column list!


MaritimeLinks- Editor said...

Oh Yeah,

I've seen stuff like this plenty of times. OSHA would crap kittens if they saw this up close and personal.

That is the nature of the work though- some days things just don't happen the way you want them to- even on calm water.

Casey O'Donnell