Wednesday, September 24, 2008

3D Seismic Research Vessel - WG Columbus

Barreras Shipyard (Vigo) newbuilding arriving at Viana under tow for final works and propulsion units installation. Built for Western Geco.

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jose saraiva said...

Hi there I'm back in business, just arrived in Macae port, sail tonight and tomorrow will be Rio de Janeiro for dry docking.
This new buildings with type piercing bow are inspired on the greek ancien rovers, the ones with a big spur on the bow, it looks that they are very efective over the water but the vessel aspect is awful.
Foe me is great to know that the portuguese shiyards are doing the final fittings of vessels of this complexibility that shows the we have the now and skills to be with the bests on the offshore building industry.
Kind regards Jose Saraiva.