Thursday, April 10, 2008

FPSO Bonga Tow off Portuguese Coast

“Bonga” TOW off Portuguese Coast.

I there, I’m been away for some time , but I never forget you all that have “passed” the eyes through this corner (blog), where interesting nautical issues and very nice pictures have been posted by Daniel, on my side I agree I should appear more regularly, but I’m a little lazy you know!!!
This time I found these very interesting pictures taken during a storm off the Portuguese coast when Far Saltire was making the tow of “Bonga” FPSO from UK to Nigeria together with another tug (no information about it), obviously from where these pictures were taken, all images nicely granted by Ron Stewart that was at the time on board Far Saltire as bridge officer, I want to thank him and wish to all good weather, sea and horizon (translated from the Portuguese “Bom tempo, mar e horizonte”).

Please see bellow some of AHTS Far Saltire main features:

Built 2002 / Ørskov, Y.No 222
Design UT 728 L
Main Class DnV +1A1,Tug, Supply Vessel, SF, EO, DynPos AUT, Oil Rec., T-MON, CMS, PMS
Loa / B.mld 73,6m/16,8m
Draft (max) 6,3m
Main Engines 4 x 4075 BHP - Tot. 16300 BHP
Bow Thruster 1 x 1200 BHP
Azimuth Thruster 1 x 1200 BHP
Stern Thruster 1 x 1200 BHP
Max- / service speed 16,3 / 12 knots
Bollard Pull 180mt










Luis Daniel Vale said...

You're back!
I'll call you tomorrow for the afternoon beer at the usual place... It's on me!

Anonymous said...

Would love to get the larger versions of these images! Amazing pictures :)

reimar said...

Dear Capt Malheiro do Vale !
It's a mess everytime I have to do some writing in english but surely I shall overcome someday, so be it.
1st- Very many thanks for the inclusion of my blog in your recommended list. I hope to reciprocate kindness shortly.
2nd- Please keep on updating news from Viana enabling us to follow its prosperous activities.
3rd- Photos are great.
4th- Regret that I have advanced a wrong information regarding the call of the "Black Price" at yours.
Actually the cruiser will be there by 2010 instead of next year. Sorry for keep you waiting...
Best regards, Reimar

Luis Daniel Vale said...

Caro Reimar,

Aceitamos comentários em todas as línguas, e vamos respondendo "a pedido"...
O seu blog é visita obrigatória diária também para nós.


ncm said...

Grandes Férias!...